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ART for me is escapism, and with continual guidance from some truly inspirational people this has always enthused me to keep on working.

Sir Roy Miles was instrumental in giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work in his Mayfair gallery. More importantly he described to me in great detail why I should never give up.

Painting gives me the impetus to keep searching for the beauty in nature, looking for colours that appear momentarily in everyday scenes. I live by the ocean and am constantly inspired by the way in which the sea and the sky are constantly changing. I use an iPhone to capture these moments, and when I have that final shot it is used to create the painting. I prepare the canvas with a base coat of up to 12 colours. Allowing this to settle and dry I then start with the build up process of 2/3 coats, using various brush techniques. I use Acrylic based, pigmented, water resistant artist Inks, which have a high degree of lightfastness.


I prefer working on a large scale canvas, but there are rare occasions when I do include smaller works. The paintings can formulate over a period of days, although it is not unusual for the canvas to be on the easel sometimes for weeks.


Sadly since Covid it has been difficult not being able to exhibit ones work, but the pace of life due to this gave me an opportunity to spend a lot more time creating this collection which has finally come to fruition. 

If you need further information on the original works or prints never hesitate to get in touch.



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Working with nature is what truly inspires me every day. The colours of the natural world at times last for moments. I consider being an artist it is my objective to capture these moments hopefully forever.

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